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Seven Skills Activate Your Skin

The aging of skin is a kind of natural phenomenon. We can not stop the aging, but we can defer the aging. Generally speaking, seven skills can help you defer the aging and activate your skin in our daily life.

First, you should improve the elasticity of the skin. The loss of collagen can seriously affect the elasticity of our skin. In order to repair the skin in time, it is necessary for people to supplement adequate collagen so as to defer the aging.

Second, you should prevent the hurt of strong sunlight in summer. The strong sunlight can seriously hurt the skin and destroy the balance between collagen and elastin to induce the formation of skin cancer. Therefore, we should prevent the direct irradiation of strong sunlight.

Third, you must eliminate free radicals inside your body. Free radicals inside the human body can seriously hurt the skin and destroy collagen. Anti-oxidants can effectively protect the skin and resist free radicals. People should choose the skin care products containing anti-oxidants. At the same time, people should moisturize the skin in everyday life.

Fourth, you should weaken the colored patches. The formation of colored patches can accelerate the aging. The best way for people to remove colored patches is to make full use of the special products designed for colored patches.

Fifth, you should increase the intake of healthy food. According to the research, the inadequate absorption of vitamin C and zinc can decrease the ability of restoring skin of the human body. In order to protect the skin, we should maintain the balanced and healthy diet. It is beneficial for people to choose the foods containing abundant vitamins and fat.

Sixth, you should quit smoking in daily life. Smoking can affect the normal functions of collagen, decrease the supply of oxygen and accelerate the formation of wrinkles. In addition, smoking can affect the circulation of female hormones and further hurt the skin.

Seventh, you can take some medicines which are beneficial to the improvement of skin. If you can not get essential nutrients from the diet, you can make use of some drugs moderately. Some medicines contain abundant vitamin C ( L-Ascorbic Acid ) and anti-oxidants which can protect the skin and resist free radicals. For example, fish oil containing abundant fatty acid can form of a layer of protective film for the skin and alleviate the inflammation on the surface of the skin

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