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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Make African American Hair Grow Long Without the Weave

There has been a universal question of how to make African American hair grow long, but somehow we have gotten side tracked and have preferred to go the instantaneous route for hair length (the weave or wig) for longer hair. The hair care industry for women of color is a billion dollar industry producing product after product in attempts to answer this question.
There is a myth that we, as women of color, are destined to have short, brittle hair prone to breakage; it's destiny and we should accept things the way they are. Some of you believe that is your destiny due to a long love/hate affair with your hair, but I am here to tell you that is only a myth and that you can achieve your desired length without the use of artificial means such as wigs, weaves, or hair pieces.
Look around you and see the evidence. Go to any bookstore and you will find black hairstyle magazines sporting women of color with long beautiful tresses that really aren't theirs. I cannot tell you how discouraging and frustrating it is to look at a black hairstyle magazine, and over 98% of the magazine is not about growing your own hair; it is mainly devoted to maintaining artificial hair such as wigs and weaves. I cannot stress to you the importance of knowing that prolonged use of these products will not only impede the progress of hair growth, but over a long period of time, you will steadily wear your hair down to a nub and will have nothing to show for it but a broken pocketbook and a bald head. At that time wearing a wig will not be an option, it will be a necessity and you will then be forced to wear the wig because there will be nothing left but a few sprigs.
Cheer up! If your scalp has not been scarred or damaged and your hair follicles are intact, help is on the way and there is hope for you yet.
The method of how to make African American hair grow long lies in discovering a new phase in hair management found in Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long. Most guides talk about styling your hair, but here you will learn valuable information never before revealed. Go to

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