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Friday, August 20, 2010

Beauty Tips For All Women

Beauty is but skin deep, so they say, but do we really mean this nowadays or are we now inclined to judging people by how they look on the outside and a beautiful inside is now a thing of the past? Let's be realistic and get down to what we notice first and foremost when we meet people. First impression seems to be not more on the impact of the character anymore but more so the physical attributes. The face is normally the first to be noticed; however, the skin is the overall outline of the whole physicality of a human being.
Collagen stimulation skin care products have popped out everywhere and everyone promises wonders of science that could make skin ideal. What is ideal skin? It is ironic to find out that white people want to become dark by using tanning solutions and brown/dark skinned people want to become whiter or fairer. The Philippines is surprisingly one of the countries whose women have become so keen on skin whitening products.
Does anti wrinkle cream skin care mean you have to have your ideal color, use artificial products, do alterations, spend much and try arrays of innovations every now and then? Is skin care just about looking good to the point that we now defy the norms of nature by getting rid of wrinkles to look acceptable? Yes for people who believe that beauty is about physicality and no for those who look further. Skin care has become extreme, but I believe the bottom line is being happy with how you look, inside and out.

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