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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Five Kinds of Foods Shrink the Pores For Women

When we grow older and older, more and more skin problems will appear, such as rough pores. People with dry skin or oily skin can both be attacked by rough pores. In order to keep the skin beautiful, people should first keep the bodies healthy. One important way to maintain the health condition of the body is to maintain the balanced diet. People must absorb balanced nutrients like protein and vitamins every day. Some vegetarian foods can effectively deal with skin problems and shrink the pores for women.
Yam contains abundant mucoprotein and various kinds of ferment. These nutrients can strengthen the normal functions of the cells and improve the metabolism for the human body, which can further strengthen the gastric and intestinal tracts, accelerate the digestion and improve the coarse skin caused by constipation. The dish made of yam and salty prunes plays an important role in accelerating the metabolism and beautifying the skin.
Lotus root contains abundant vitamin C and mineral substances, and it can effectively stop the bleeding for people. According to the latest research, lotus root can protect the heart, accelerate the metabolism and prevent the coarse skin. The pores can also be shrinked at the same time. The effect of lotus root can be more obvious if lotus root is mixed with lotus seed.
Edible tree fungus contains vitamins and mineral substances, and it plays an important role in purifying the blood. In addition, edible tree fungus contains a large number of food fibers, which can deal with constipation and improve the coarse skin caused by constipation. People can collocate edible tree fungus with red date to enhance the effect.
Sesame contains abundant linoleic acid and vitamin E, and it can effectively improve the peripheral blood vessels and beautify the skin. Women with coarse skin can improve their own skin by drinking sesame tea. The beautifying effect has been well known by many people. More and more women make use of sesame to keep healthy and beautify the skin.
In addition, plum is also a kind of high-quality food with diverse effects. The wine made from plum is rather effective in beautifying the skin for women. Women can drink it or spread it on the skin. For example, when women are bathing, they can use plum wine to clean and massage the skin, which can make the skin smooth and soft. In addition, plum wine can also help people treat some skin diseases.
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