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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breaking News! Lisa Rinna Got Her Floppy Lips Fixed

I'm sure I'll get comments on how this is not news, but in the beauty world it most certainly is. Lisa Rinna got her floppy lips fixed (see how they looked before).
Lisa explained on the Today Show in 2009 that she got collagen injections a quarter century ago and scar tissue developed and hardened, leaving her with a botched top lip. Her recent surgery fixed that (she's pictured here post-lip fix).
So how to tell if a pout is natural or not? According to Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, one tell-tale sign of lip augmentation is perfect proportion. Most people have a bottom lip that's twice the size of the top lip. If the lips are perfectly even, it's a "dead giveaway to those wondering if you've had work done," Myint says. Also keep in mind that lips lose volume as we age (I'm destined for pencil lines, oh well!), so if a woman over 40 has plumper lips than she did at 20, that's another "oh, yes she did."
If you are looking for plumper, bee-stung lips, Myint suggests taking the process slowly. Think of it as going from a cup size A to a B, then to a C instead of jumping straight to double D's. By staying conservative with every round of enhancements, you can create subtle volume that doesn't look cartoonish, he says.

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