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Friday, October 8, 2010

Illnesses - The Reason Behind Some Hair Growth Cases

An obvious growth of hair started when this girl was 21 years old. More than 20 years has passed since then, and even after she has diligently plucked, shaved, and waxed, she still has a thick and dark stubble on her chin. Another girl was plagued by dark facial hair on her upper lip and chin since she was 12 years old. Because of her embarrassment, she would often eat at a restaurant with her back toward the window so the sunlight wouldn't reflect on her.
In a vain effort to improve her self esteem, she bleached her hair as a teenager. How I felt about myself depended sometimes on what the time of day was. These two girls can now say that they have found something that works after years of feeling self conscious and being experimental with different hair removal techniques. The laser hair removal system is the answer they have found to getting rid of unwanted facial hair.
Since 1997, this procedure called laser hair removal involves using intense light to heat and destroy hair follicles underneath the skin's surface. While hair growth may not be entirely permanent, it does extend the duration of hair loss for thousands of men and women who don't want to be seen with hair in certain places of their body.
So far, it's the best thing that I've seen to help someone like myself who has been plagued with hair growth her whole life. I find it incredible, even if I walk out there not completely hairless. This lady has requested for additional treatments and a couple or so touch ups in between since her first treatment. Only five black hairs are all that can be seen on my chin, she said, indicating that the procedures are truly a success.
Of all hair removal techniques, this is by far the most effective in existence. Once uncontrollable, this problem is now manageable. Excess body hair is caused by a condition called hirsutism, polycystic ovary syndrome, and sometimes even prescribed medication.
A good number of men join the numerous women who look at laser hair removal as a solution to excess hair problems they may have. People see the treatment as another option one can consider if he or she does not want to shave or wax areas in the body with unwanted hair. The other girl was so pleased with the treatments on her face, she also decided to get her underarms done. Though she was not inconvenienced by shaving, she really wanted something done about the shadow she felt couldn't be removed.
A patient decided to call the medical director of a local health and beauty institute to satisfy his curiosity after seeing ads of the treatment. In a similar case just like other hair removal patients, she was looking for a solution that was permanent. The director said he can't treat them because they won't be happy people. There is nothing eternally lasting about hair removal. The technology is designed to provide a long term way of reducing hair and controlling its growth in the future.
A questionnaire regarding hair growth and the places where treatment should be done is given to the patient to answer before the director agrees to treat him or her. The patient is asked about what his or her expectations are. He will politely refuse to give treatment to a person who expects not to see any hair growth after. There are those however who would go with the procedure since they would already feel satisfied with a decrease in hair growth and density for a long duration. Rather than going through the hassle of taking care of her sensitive skin, she insisted on this procedure to make her life simpler.

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