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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Famous Hairstylists

People all over the world admire celebrities for their good-looking makeups and hairstyles, while fashion critics recommend their styles to other women. Celebrities' hairstylists tend to be neglected and they often remain in the shadow of their work of art; therefore we have decided to make a short list of the some of the famous hairdressers that have made Hollywood stars the fashion icons that they are today.
Hairstylists, in turn have the best allies against frizzy or unhealthy hair: professional hair care products. Their work is, thus, facilitated by these products that they recommend to all women around the world. As a matter of fact, professional hair treatments are accessible and they may be purchased from every beauty shop at very convenient prices.
Ken Paves is the favorite hairstylists of many beautiful women in the entertainment industry, such as, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez. The 14 year-old Ken began working with his mother's hair, at first. Back then he was not so skillful in handling hair, so his perm was actually a disaster. As he grew up, Paves went to professional hair styling classes, he became famous and he opened two salons in America where famous people are often seen crossing his door step.
Jose Eber, on the other hand, began his career in France and later on, moved to Los Angeles where he became Hollywood's most appreciated hairdresser. His trademark resides in the swinging hairstyles he creates. He has also produce many of the natural hair wigs that celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Cher have used many times during their career.
Besides cutting their locks, Hollywood stars need a well-trained colorist that can change their image through color. Rita Hazan knew ever since she was a child that she had to become a colorist, so she did her best to complete the courses of the beauty school. Now, famous women like Britney Spears, Carmen Electra and Celine Dion are present in her clients' agenda.
Thanks to the wonderful and highly improved hair care products, any woman can be her own hairstylist. Search for products that have been created in collaboration with world- renowned hair stylists and don't hesitate to purchase them if you want to look as gorgeous as any other star.
Revolutionary professional hair products are absolutely authentic, because they're the evolution of ideas from both editorial and salon stylists

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