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Monday, July 26, 2010

Choose This Protein for More Mental Power

Chicken or fish? It's not just a choice you make at wedding receptions. Your answer could be a ticket to
 a healthier mind, too.
A recent study suggests that regularly opting for the right kind of protein could mean a significantly lower risk of dementia later in life. And your brain will thank you if you choose finned foods.
The Fin Factor
The study evaluated the health and eating habits of close to 15,000 people age 65 and older from countries around the world, including Peru, China, India, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. And the people who ate fish often -- nearly every day -- were about 20 percent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia compared with the folks who never ate fish. Researchers suspect that the inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids in fish produce the benefit. (Concerned about mercury in your fish? Here are the kinds of fish you should choose to reduce your intake of this environmental toxin.)
Something in the Water?
So here's what you should choose at each meal if you don't care much about your brain: meat. In the study, the more meat people ate (think beef, chicken, and pork) the higher their risk of dementia. So start making over your meals, and be sure to invite your friends from the sea. Here are a few fabulous meat-free meal ideas to try from EatingWell:
For a simple, fresh fish dinner that's ready fast, try Easy Sauteed Fish Fillets.

For a healthy new twist on taco night, try Grilled Salmon Soft Tacos.

For a sweet, tangy, antioxidant-rich fish, try Roasted Halibut with Banana-Orange Relish.

Find out why combining antioxidant-rich fruit and fatty-acid-rich fish is so good for your brain.

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