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Monday, July 19, 2010

More Amazing Olive Oil News

By RealAge
Olive oil -- the unsaturated fat that's great for your heart -- is making headlines again. But this time it's for
 elping something a little lower down: your stomach.
Research suggests that polyphenols in olive oil may inhibit the bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers.
Heard of H. Pylori?
Antibiotics are the treatment gold standard for Helicobacter (H.) pylori, the ulcer-causing bacterium that's tough enough to survive the acidity of people's stomachs. But resistant strains of H. pylori are now found worldwide. Fortunately, some researchers are seeking alternative therapies, and in recent studies, the polyphenols in olive oil showed tremendous potential. Not only could they withstand the harsh gastric juices of the stomach, but they also seemed to kill off H. pylori pretty handily -- even antibiotic-resistant strains. Find out how to tell the difference between the burn of a stomach ulcer and the heat of heartburn.
Olive Oil Power Boosters
To protect the polyphenols in your olive oil and get the most out of the stuff, store it in a dark bottle away from sunlight, and don't overheat it. (Check out how the YOU Docs suggest heating your olive oil.)
Recipe Corner
Squeeze more olive oil into your day with these simple-to-do EatingWell recipes:

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