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Monday, July 26, 2010

Why is My Hair a Mystery?

Hair why is it a mystery?
What is every ones hair such a mystery? Why do women (and men) not know who to maintain their hair? As a hair designer, stylist, colorist when I walk down the street an see women walking around with no care in the world. I feel that some women don't even comb their hair. I feel that stylist of the world need to stop MAKING their clients come back to them. I feel that stylist need to educate their clients to maintain their hair when we cannot be there.
I also feel that clients need to take an active part in asking the right questions to their stylists. Clients of mine get and education class about their hair when they are with me. You leave my chair feeling empowered, confident, and looking great. If a client cannot recreate what I do for them day after day I am not only doing a disservice to them but I am not giving the client what they are paying me to do.
I am here to help educate my clients on what products to use with their hair and how to use them on their hair. Taking time to go over every aspect of my client's style will not only give confident in my client that I have their best interest at hand but also helps my client understand their hair. We can work together to teach each other how your hair is to work. Remeber it is a relationship between your stylist and you. This is the one person who can help you throuh out your life.
Daniel Koye is a New York City hair and wig designer, a stylist, and a make-up artist that works with each client to create a signature style. In collaborating with celebrities, actors, models and personal clients, Koye blends expertise and experience with an innate, powerful, and magical sense of design. Regarding hair and make-up as the raw materials for artistic creation, Koye creates unforgettable styles and looks for the Broadway stage, red carpet events, photo shoots, and weddings.

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